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Short Curriculum Vitae

Stairs to a career

Slawomir Paszak

Highly motivated and experienced PA, currently looking to resume my professional career after dedicating the last two years to raising a family. Excellent admin skills, thorough knowledge of digital design, as well as extensive experience in busy companies. After working as a freelancer to refresh my skills, now fully committed to continuing my graphic/digital and web development career on a full/part-time basis.


Illustration, photo retouch, photo montage and collage, UX/UI
– level: advanced

Corporate identity, publishing leaflets, illustrated books, and packaging
– level: advanced

DTP, preparation for printing, press composition, pre-press, control print
– level: advanced

WordPress, HTML, {css;}, basic PHP and MySQL
– level: intermediate

Printed books, banners, posters with special techniques – masks, extrusion
– level: advanced

– level: basic


  • Graphic design for labels, product packaging,
  • Corporate identity, brand communications,
  • Presentations (MS PowerPoint),
  • Advertising on the Web,
  • UX/UI,
  • Webdesign,
  • Animation and hand drawing.


  • HND GRAPHIC DESIGN, 2017-2018
    City of Glasgow College, Glasgow (Scotland)
    1 year (not finished)
    Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow (Scotland)
    Digital Media Applications for Graphics, Audio, Video; Microsoft Office Suite, IT Support: Hardware, Networking/Internet; High-Level Programming, Mobile Technology – SQF level 5.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER, 2008-2009
    Business School (College), Warsaw (Poland)
    Advanced Graphic Design Techniques, UX/UI, Animation, Web design, Corporate Identity Proficiency in Graphic Design Software – Adobe Creative and Web Suite, Corel Draw.
  • FOOD TECHNOLOGIST, 1987-1993
    TPR (Technical College), Gdynia (Poland)
    English equivalent: Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education (AVCE) / BTEC National Diploma standard.


  • ESOL, level: SCQF National 4, 2017-2018
    Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow (Scotland)
  • ESOL, level: SCQF National 2-3, 2015-2016
    Ingeus Ltd, Glasgow (Scotland)
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), 2015 – 2016
    Rosemount Lifelong Learning, Glasgow (Scotland)
    Passed module: Spreadsheets, Database Administration, Presentation.
  • SQA IT – ICT Core Skills Level 4, 2015
    Rosemount Lifelong Learning, Glasgow (Scotland)
    Information and Communication Technology Skills.
    Apple SAD, Warsaw (Poland)
    Retouch images, composition, design, and preparation (pre-press)

I worked, among others, in the Marketing Department of Getin Noble Bank (Warsaw), the financial agency  Open Finance (Warsaw), the consulting agency Europa 2000 Consulting, and Harper Collins Publishers (Glasgow, Scotland).

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The process of graphic design

Process of grafic design

Each order is carried out in a traditional way, paying attention to the creation, details, and layout of the design for a given size or format. Therefore, the graphic design process includes several stages, which I present below.

1 Stage: Briefing.

Mind storm effect.

Briefing design process

Discuss using the email, call, face-to-face
conversation or Skype chat about your order. The discussion contains
details on the requirements of the project, its form and purpose,
schedule, budget, and implementation, eg for the needs of printing.
The conversation must also include information about the company,
profile of activity promoted service or product as well as previous
marketing implementations, such as advertising leaflets.

2 Stage: Research and Development.

See for yourself.

Research other work and solved the problem

Earlier information is collected and saved in the
form of a brief. The last stage can be omitted if the brief was
prepared earlier by the client. I carry out research in which I
set the goals of the project, check the competitors, target markets, and customer age groups. In this phase, it also gathers ideas,
inspirations, and proper design practices, and compares earlier
examples of implementations against the background of competitors.

3 Stage: Graphic Design

Folding all the elements and ideas.

Design Stage - time and processAfter completing all research, concept designs and
preliminary design projects are developed. The most effective design
solutions will then be selected from the initial sketches. These
projects will then be developed. I will then present selected design
concepts to the client, discussing them in the design process and
explaining key design decisions. The project will then be compared
with the requirements set out in the summary.

4 Stage: Production.

Implementation of all corrections.

(release of the final version for printing or publication on the Internet)

Production - making layout ready-to-useThe project will be changed in relation to the
feedback from the client, and the final proofs of the work will be
sent to the client for approval. I prepare a graphic design for
printing or for publication on the Internet. Graphic design can also
be used for marketing communication in electronic form (email or
pdf). In the case of designing a website, it passes the project to
developers/programmers who will transform the graphic design
(layout) into a fully functional website.

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Who Am I?

Graphic designer
I am a person with an open mind and heart. I am not a perfectionist but I like order and cleanliness not only in everyday life. Whenever I have the opportunity, I help others to achieve their goals or strategies.
I love my small family, dedicating a lot of time to them. In my spare time, I try to realize my dreams and give my passions like photography, cycling, and piloting flying drones.